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Gulf of Thailand Fish Species

"Thailand Saltwater Fish Species at Pattaya Snorkeling Sites"

[and sadly... a few that are not] Click Thai sea fish species names for interesting facts and pictures.

Angelfish Facts and Pictures: Marine Angelfishes are conspicuous discus-shaped reef fishes and easily recognised by their chromatic and intense coloring.

Barracuda Fish Facts and Images: Barracudas are large torpedo shaped predatory fish with a fearsome, and often intimidating, aggressive appearance.

Butterfly Fish Facts with Pictures: A colourful range of tropical marine fish often characterized by their elongated snout and bright intricate body patterns.

Clown Fish Facts and Pictures: Find the famous 'Nemo' anemonefish is so-called because many of the related species seek refuge in sea anemones.

Damselfish Facts and Information: Saltwater Damselfishes [Pomacentridae] are small colourful marine fishes found mainly in shallow tropical seas.

Jacks - A large silvery fish darting into the schools of tiny fish at feeding time

Moray Eel Facts and Pictures: The moray is a 'savage looking' eel considered to be the largest of all eels and found in most saltwater environments.

Octopus Facts with Photographs: Octopuses rank among the most mesmerizing of all the cephalopod sea creatures and is a fascinating master of disguise.

Puffer Fish Facts and Pictures: Puffers are often called balloon fish because of their ability to ingest water with air and expand several times their original size.

Seahorse - Highly camouflaged creature usually found in the shallows of tropical coral reefs

Sergeant Major Fish - A colourful black and yellow striped damselfish growing up to 15 cm long

Shark Release in Pattaya: An interesting article written about a program to release baby bamboo sharks in Pattaya, Thailand.

Stingrays Facts and Pictures: Most rays are flat-bodied cartilaginous fishes living near to the sea floor and in fact they are related to sharks.

Turtle Facts and Pictures: Marine turtles are large reptiles or 'Testudines' which are seen often swimming around all of the Pattaya coral islands in Thailand.

Wrasse - Usually small and very colourful marine fish feeding on small parasites

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