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Facts about Stingrays with Pictures

The stingray species is one of the easier marine creatures to recognize. The main characteristic is their flat-shaped bodies and long tail.

You find most stingray species living near the sea floor in tropical and subtropical oceans. They exist and thrive best in warm shallow water.

The stingray skeleton is cartilage (not bone). Stingrays are in fact related to the shark species. Thus, sharks also have a similar cartilaginous skeleton. A stingray's tail is sometimes serrated with a venomous spine in some of the species.

The eyes of stingray species sit on top of their head. But, they use electro-sensors to detect their prey. Stingrays feed most on shrimps, mussels, and clams. They crush the food using powerful jaws on the underside of their body.

Interesting Facts about StingraysInteresting Fun Facts about Stingrays

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Bluespotted Stingray on the sand Kuhl's Stingray

Pictures of Stingrays: Blue Spotted Stingray and Kuhl's Stingray. Not all of these stingray species thrive in the Gulf of Thailand. Check out the Pattaya fish species section. It has more information on other marine life found around the coral islands.

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