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Welcome to the photograph gallery and video sections. It contain pictures and video footage of snorkeling and scuba diving trips at the Pattaya coral islands.

All the photographs and video footage were taken by our team. Click the images to see larger pictures or to watch the videos. We welcome your questions and comments. Please do not breach copyright rules.

Pinterest picture iconPattaya Snorkeling Photographs

Damsel fish swimming near brain coral  Clownfish darting around sea anemone at Pattaya Far Islands  Clownfish darting around sea anemone at Pattaya Far Islands

Blue Spotted Stingray at North Rock Koh Rin Islands  Moray Eel inside rocky crevice at North Rock Pinnacle  Schools of fish swimming at Koh Rin

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Video iconPattaya Snorkeling Videos

Link to Pattaya Shark ReleaseSnorkeling with Sharks in Pattaya

Yes Tick iconPattaya Shark Release October 2014

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Link to Butterfly Fish and Barrel Sponge in PattayaButterfly Fishes at Pattaya Far Islands

Yes Tick icon120 Butterfly Fish Species

Yes Tick iconElongated Nose for Feeding

Yes Tick iconOmnivores Eat Algae and Worms [Butterfly fish facts...]

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