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Snorkeling Bloggers are all welcome at Pattaya Snorkeler's Blog.

Welcome to blogging questions and comments covering the latest topics in snorkeling. The information has snorkeling tips and techniques, news, and advice for beginner snorkelers.

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Snorkeling Blog Topics

Blogger iconSnorkeling Blog General

Facts About Snorkeling; A simple guide all about snorkel safety and fun for novices. Search for basic facts of how to snorkel, where, why, and what is snorkelling?
Frequently Asked Questions; A section for snorkelers looking for answers to popular questions. We include information about Pattaya Snorkeling Tours.
How to Snorkel for Beginners; Watch a 3 minute video explaining how to snorkel in Thailand. Follow six simple steps and have a fun and safe snorkeling experience in Pattaya.
Islands in Pattaya; Pattaya islands are well-liked and trendy touristy destinations. Find out why the locals choose them for scuba diving and group snorkeling tours.
Snorkel vs. Scuba; Learn the important differences between snorkeling and scuba diving. We explain the breathing techniques and equipment.
Boat Propeller Safety; Follow these safety rules on Jet Ski and speed boat propellers. Learn how to prevent snorkeling and diving accidents.
Boating Etiquette; Polite boat etiquette at sea and considerate behavior on board. It is imperative for the safety and enjoyment for you and others.
Seasickness Prevention; Sea sickness, nausea, and vomiting at sea. The common causes are boat rocking and rolling motion.
Rip Currents in Thailand; Learn how to escape fast-moving, often deadly, water currents. Learn how they funnel back seaward from the beach.
River Snorkeling Tips; How to swim and skulk safe in freshwater currents and small rapids. Follow these 10 river snorkeling safety tips.
Snorkeling Buddy System; What is the snorkeling buddy and do you really need one? Find out why you should follow this system.
Foot Cramps while Swimming; How to fix a painful leg cramp or muscle spasm while swimming or snorkeling.
Snorkeling Photography Tips; Learn how to shoot great underwater pictures. A simple and rewarding guide for beginners.
Snorkeling Photography Course; Join the snorkeling tour in Pattaya. Get the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Certification at the same time.
Best Snorkeling in Thailand; Check the seasonal weather conditions and tourist influxes of your chosen destination.
Snorkeling with Kids; Extra details need considering when small children are near water. Learn how to maximize the safety of the adventure.
Top Snorkeling Spots; The world's best snorkeling destination environments share 5 common factors.
Snorkeler's Testimonials; Worldwide positive feedback from happy snorkelers who visited Pattaya, Thailand.

Blogger iconSnorkel Blog about Equipment

Pattaya Snorkel Shop Online; Where to buy your own personal snorkeling set. It increases hygiene and gear storage safety.
Snorkeling Equipment; The best snorkel gear and underwater cameras for your money.
Snorkel Mask vs. Goggles; Explaining the functions, features, and key differences between snorkeling masks and swim goggles.
Snorkeling Vest; Safety Vest vs. Life Jacket. Check the differences between PFD snorkeler vests and emergency life jackets.
Deep Blue Gear; Deep Blue retail brand of snorkeling gear offers superior quality equipment for snorkelers.
Intova Sport Cameras; Find out why Intova is a company with its roots firmly in the sports camera manufacturing and sales industry.

Blogger iconSnorkeling Blog about Marine Life

Coral Reef Formations; Listing common coral reef formations and structures. You will find some while snorkeling and scuba diving.
Brain Coral Facts; Learn about the largest and most formidable brain corals. Some corals may live for nearly 1,000 years.
Fire Coral Facts; Find out how to recognize the fifty identified species of venomous fire coral. Avoid a painful sting, cut, or allergic reaction.
Fish Species with Pictures; Fish families you might see while snorkeling and diving in the Gulf of Thailand. And a few you may not!
Pattaya Shark Release; Photos and live video footage of the moment we released 7 baby bamboo sharks in Pattaya.
Green Fins Friendly Snorkeling; Learn how to be an environmentally-friendly snorkeler. Check out the UNEP guidelines.

Disclaimer iconNote: This guide offers general snorkeling tips for beginners and non-swimmers who do not know how to snorkel. We are PADI® professionally trained but you should always get expert guidance as to the proper snorkeling technique and procedures for your local area before you enter the water.

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