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PADI DUP Snorkel Certification

Snorkelers can complete level one (1) of the PADI DUP Certification Course. Become a Digital Underwater Photographer during a regular snorkeling trip in Pattaya.

The PADI DUP course has two certifying levels. That means even snorkelers can get certified in underwater photography in only a few hours of tuition. The PADI DUP Snorkeling Photography Course Price starts from 5,999 ฿

Part one of the full digital photographer specialty has no minimum age limit and is quick to complete.

It is a flexible course and super easy to combine with a normal day out snorkeling around the islands. It is a relaxed an enjoyable way to get a useful and rewarding photography certification.

Snorkeling Photography Course includes:

Read more on our snorkeling photography tips and tricks page. Learn how to take stunning photos, and then have a lot of fun sharing them with your family and through social media.

Teaching underwater photographers with hands-on training is one of our most popular courses for non-divers, enthusiastic snorkelers, and PADI Skin Divers.

You will learn:

PADI Non-Diving Certification

Digital Underwater Photographer Level 1. Price from 5,999 ฿

No matter whether you use a modern point and shoot camera or a sophisticated dSLR. The fun part is capturing spectacular images in the water. Reward your passion for taking underwater pictures and make your snorkeling holiday a lot of fun with a recognised certification.

If you are a scuba diver you can upgrade to the PADI DUP Specialty certification. You can complete level 2 of the course any time you like and in a different location. You can even start learning photography today online if you sign up at PADI for the Digital Underwater Photography Online eLearning facility.

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