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Snorkeling for Kids Guide

Snorkeling with kids should be fun and relaxing. But, when small children are near water there a few extra details that need considering. Learn how to maximize the safety of a snorkeling holiday adventure.

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Snorkeling with Kids in PattayaThe tips below should help you and your family get the most from the snorkeling trip. We welcome your questions and comments.

5 Essential Tips for Snorkeling with Kids

1. Look for an opportunity to introduce your kids to using a mask and snorkel before the trip. That will definitely help them to familiarize themselves with the necessary gear.

Snorkeling for kids has no real age barriers. So even very young children can experience the gentle sport of floating above water.

A simple method may be to get them to practice in the bath tub or a local swimming pool. That extra bit of preparation is most likely to result in a happy activity for the whole family.

2. Whenever possible, buy your own snorkeling equipment for the trip and afterwards. A mask and snorkel does not take up much room in luggage space and the benefits of using your own gear are huge.

Masks are now available in small sizes for kids and buying snorkel gear needn't be expensive. We have complete kids' snorkel sets for sale from 999 baht.

3. Choose a tour company that has experience with snorkeling for kids. Some companies do not care enough about the quality of the trip. They only concentrate on high numbers of snorkelers. Make sure that you won't get crammed like sardines into a small boat. Will there be shade from the sun, toilet facilities, and safety equipment?

Children get restless with ease. It is worth considering a small increase in the cost to hire a private boat for the quality and overall enjoyment of the tour for a fun family event.

4. Professional divers and snorkelers always advise against feeding the fish in their natural habitat. Tour companies that throw food to attract the fish are doing more harm than good, even if they do it unintentionally. The underwater environment is a delicately balanced ecosystem. It depends upon fish eating their natural diet to help sustain this equilibrium.

Try to educate and encourage your children to respect fish species in their aquatic realm for the sake of their kids to enjoy also in the future.

5. You should never touch the coral reef and always be aware of the damage that your diving fins can do to the fragile corals. Fish rarely attack humans for fun. But, it may will try to protect itself from what it perceives as a threat to its existence.

Hopefully, your child will have had lots of fun and become interested in the wonders of raw nature beneath the waves. There are many ways that snorkeling kids and parents can become involved and help to protect and conserve our aquatic environment. For Example: Project Aware is a non-profit organisation constantly Conserving Underwater Environments (

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