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Best Snorkeling Equipment Review

Essential snorkeling equipment kits are a few lightweight and inexpensive set items. Basic gear packages comprise of a dive mask, a snorkel tube, and a pair of diving fins. You can buy a cheap starter set to get you in the water and upgrade the quality and versatility of your equipment when you are ready.

You use simple snorkelling gear to see the corals and fishes below the surface, and breathe with your face in the water while swimming around shallow water reefs.

Snorkeling Gear Review and List

Snorkeling Masks - How to prepare a new snorkel mask and learn how to clear water from the mask while snorkeling

Snorkels - A simple plastic tube allows us to breathe air at the surface but which one should you choose?

Snorkeling Sets - Buy a cheap snorkeling set and avoid using rental sets now in stock and for sale online

Snorkeling Sets for Kids - Buy a cheap snorkeling set with children size small mask, snorkel, and fins

Snorkel Swim Fins - Often called flippers, fins are available in many styles with different features

Underwater Cameras - Waterproof cameras are so affordable nowadays and we have a review of the best available online

Snorkeling Accessories - The 'bits n bobs' of snorkeling but these gadgets and gizmos are so useful

Snorkel Vest - Safety should be your primary concern and we review the important features of snorkel vests

Snorkeling Wetsuit - If you go snorkeling in Pattaya you may not need a wetsuit but we have some advice anyway

Warning iconOur basic cheap snorkeling gear review of equipment sets is intended for general information. We recommend joining an organised tour after seeking professional advice with up-to-date quality ratings from our expert sales team in the shop.

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