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Reusable Camera - 595 ฿

Snap Sights Reusable Sports CameraSnap Sights reusable waterproof sports utility cameras are inexpensive yet tough and durable.

They are compact, lightweight, and primarily designed for using in daylight conditions.

They are small and light enough to fit in your shirt pocket.

Its compact size, ruggedness, and waterproof design make it an ideal camera for all kinds of outdoor activities and shallow water sports such as snorkeling, rafting, swimming, boarding, fishing, skiing, and surfing.

The Snap Sight reusable sports camera is waterproof to eight meters.

Waterproof Sports Camera

The camera features re-loadable 27 exposure 200 ASA 35 mm daylight film out of the box and comes ready to point and shoot through the 24mm focus free lens.

It has a flip-up sports viewfinder and a contoured hand grip on its shock resistant, heavy duty, rugged housing which floats. Save your expensive camera gear and use this simple reusable sports utility waterproof camera made by Snap Sights.

MSS04 Camera Specifications

PayPal Buy Now ButtonYes Tick iconWaterproof Rating to 8 Meters

Yes Tick icon28mm Focus Free Lens

Yes Tick iconPreloaded with 27 Exposure 200 35 mm Film

Yes Tick iconDimensions: 6.2 x 5.2 x 2 inches/Weight: 1 pound

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