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Buy Swim Fins for Snorkeling

Snorkel swim fins or as most snorkelers call them - swim flippers for snorkeling - help guide you around in water, both at the surface and especially underneath.

The best flippers for snorkeling help skin divers submerge and get closer to the reef and fishes when they make a 'duck dive'.

Modern snorkeling fins help you create powerful water movement for swimming, however, some snorkelers prefer to swim without fins and happily float around barefoot.

You should always avoid wearing tight fitting footwear in the water - especially if you have wide feet - because it may cause muscle spasm or foot cramps. All snorkeling fins should be comfortable and snug without excessive pinching in the toes.

Snorkeling Fins Features

Akona Snorkel Swim Fins - open heel lightweight yellowSnorkeler's fins are manufactured in a variety of styles, function, and colors.

You can buy open heel fins with accessory boots for snorkeling in cold water or full foot fins used most often in warm water environments.

Their performance is determined by the design of the vents, ribs, and blades.

Snorkelers should choose the fin model based on its swimming characteristics for your local environment, which often provokes a trade-off between comfort and power.

This important feature of extra length adds thrust and increased propulsion efficiency which often helps to relieve the strain on your foot. These flippers have to be the most comfortable on the market if you are looking to best buy swim fins for wide feet.

Snorkel Swim Fins for Travel

Modern snorkel fins are constructed from a neoprene rubber and high grade polypropylene composite. This makes them extremely lightweight and flexible for fitting inside your luggage bag. The Deep Blue Gear for snorkeling are light and super comfortable with an extended sole platform.

Buy Swim Fins from 699 ฿

The best priced snorkeling fins are also available online through the shop. Remember there are significant differences between cheap lightweight snorkeling fins vs. scuba diving fins so be sure to check out our informational guide.

Swim Fins Description Price ฿
Akona Fins [picture] Adventure powerful snorkeling fins by Akona; Flippers used with or without booties 899
Deep Blue Fins [picture] Speed snorkeling fins by Deep Blue; Available in various colors and sizes 699

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