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Snorkeling Wetsuit Guide

Deep Blue 3mm Unisex Snorkeling WetsuitSnorkeling with a wetsuit helps you keep warm by trapping a thin layer of water between the neoprene suit and the your skin.

The tiny layer of water is warmed by your body providing you with a thermal layer of relatively warm water.

Snorkeling wetsuit brands come in a large range of sizes, styles, colours, and thermal qualities.

The sizing and thickness of your wetsuit should feel comfortable and close-fitting in order to maximize its efficiency as an exposure suit.

A wetsuit - or exposure suit - as well as protecting a snorkeler from cold water, it also helps to protect you from sunburn and collision with rocks or boulders.

Wetsuit Description Price ฿
Deep Blue [picture] Shorty wetsuit; 3mm, unisex; black with blue stripes 2,200
Deep Blue [picture] Shorty wetsuit; 3mm, unisex; black (no stripes) 2,800
Deep Blue [picture] Steamer wetsuit; 3mm unisex; dark blue 3,600

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