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Underwater Digital Camera for Snorkeling

Intova HD Digital + Wifi underwater camera and video Intova 10mp digital waterproof camera Intova HD NOVA Camera Remote Control

Snorkel Camera Hire from 500 ฿

Would you like to take digital pictures of your snorkeling trip in Pattaya, Thailand? We offer you the chance to shoot fish, snap corals, and make great underwater photographs just like the professionals. Shooting underwater pictures on a modern digital underwater high definition (HD) device has never been so easy and affordable than now in our selection of the best cameras for snorkeling.

Our rental service uses the best waterproof camera for snorkeling allowing you to take as many under water pictures as you can. Shoot the fish and snap the corals with easy to use point-and-shoot digital underwater cameras and share the fun with your snorkeling and diving friends.

Snorkeling Camera for Sale from 595 ฿

We offer online sales with the best buys in digital snorkeling cameras and equipment accessories at our snorkel gear shop in Pattaya. Check out the best underwater digital camera for snorkeling in the ocean with our amazing low prices. Click the underwater camera models for detailed information and specifications.

Camera Model Description Price ฿
Snap Sights [picture] Snap Sights Reusable Waterproof Camera for Snorkeling, Fishing, Surfing, Scuba; 595
Intova 10MP [picture] Intova/Tovatec 10mp Digital Waterproof Camera for Snorkeling, Surfing, Scuba; 4,880
Nova HD Camera [picture] Intova/Tovatec 60m Camera with Remote; Video Format: MP4 / Photo Format: JPEG; 9,600
HD Sport Edge X [picture] Intova HD Digital + Wi-Fi Underwater Camera for Snorkeling or Scuba; 15,300

Play Video iconClick here to watch user videos shot underwater using high definition cameras by Intova/Tovatec.

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