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Pattaya Far Island Review

Pattaya’s ‘faraway islands’ have the cleanest beaches and the clearest water – without doubt! Hence, most boat trips head out to the Pattaya Far Islands from Jomtien and Pattaya beaches.

We favor the Pattaya far island destinations when the conditions are optimum. This is the preferred port of call for our daily snorkel and scuba itinerary.

For that to happen, the wind conditions need to be slight and favourable. It takes a little over an hour to travel by boat to the faraway island pinnacles.

Nonetheless, it is worth the extra effort and a longer boat journey. This is the only way to appreciate the best snorkeling and diving at the Pattaya Far Islands.

Large colorful angel fish and dazzling butterfly fishes roam around the shallow coral gardens. Sea turtles seem curious and unfazed to stray around the divers and snorkelers. There are species of fish and corals around Koh Rin that you will not find at the nearer sites.

Snorkeling at the Pattaya Far Islands

The Pattaya Far Island called Koh Rin is where you can see the most corals. It offers the best opportunity to see soft corals like sea whips and feather stars.

The Pattaya fish species tend to swim around in bigger schools at these distant outcrops. The fish and marine life also mature to larger sizes.

Koh Man Wichai Pinnacle

Snorkeling at Koh Man Wichai is also one of our favourite spots to see the underwater world. The pinnacle is not quite as far from Pattaya as Koh Rin. But, Koh Man Wichai is a big favorite with many of the regular snorkelers.

We get disappointed if we do not see large barracuda, snappers, and jacks. The schools of fishes circle the tiny island feeding around staghorn and table corals.

Koh Phai Thailand

The Royal Thai Navy occasionally use Koh Phai Island for their target practice. Thus, the superb beaches are sometimes restricted during their military training.

But, this small archipelago of pinnacles offers some great snorkeling and diving sites. The shallow clear-water inlets are ideal for weak swimmers and novice snorkelers.

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