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Pattaya Fishing Trips

“Fishing in Pattaya – Angling for the Biggest Catch of the Day”

Fishing Tours in Pattaya – Thailand continues to hook the big game enthusiasts by reeling in top anglers who are searching for the best deep sea fishing charters and freshwater lakes or river parks.

You can join organized boat trips, fun fish from the beach, or tackle one of the secluded fishing parks and lakes nestling in the scrub land.

The regular Pattaya fishing tour price usually includes the permit for angling, all the fishing equipment you need, and some hook baits.

It is easy to understand why fun fishing in Pattaya is a satisfying and rewarding activity for so many visitors and expat residents.

As one of the local fisherman said: ‘These Thailand fishing charters are the most amazing experience for all freshwater and saltwater anglers and we are regularly discovering new places to catch fish in Pattaya!’

Deep Sea Fishing in Pattaya

Thailand deep sea fishing in Pattaya will have you reeling in whopper freshwater catfish, or netting a monster predatory Barramundi in no time at all. These aquatic giant behemoths are simply the best catch around the whole of Thailand and possibly Southeast Asia.

The fun sport of fishing is so popular that the majority of the local dive shops and tackle shops are also catering for angling fanatics. They offer daily fun fishing trips and some of the best big game fishing Thailand has to offer.

Pattaya’s fishing trips attract all levels of fishermen and you will be amazed at the myriad of different fish species in the local freshwater ponds, pools, lakes, and out in the deep blue sea. Spectacular queen fish, two meter long barracudas, magnificent marlin, giant cobia, sharks, and sting rays are just a few examples.

Boat trips to the open water can yield big fish such as Queen Fish, Barracuda and large Sailfish, whereas the freshwater lakes and ponds contain Carp, Catfish and Arapaima.

Pattaya Deep Sea Fishing Trips produce good results all year round as the summer south-west monsoons rarely affect the Chonburi province of the Thailand gulf. You can hire a well-equipped fishing boat at just about any time of the season achieving good catches all year round.

Nonetheless, November until the end of March is the optimum season for achieving huge catches because the water temperature is cooler.

Pattaya Fishing Charters

If you are visiting Pattaya as a big game angler you should be chartering a boat to the deep water around the islands of Koh PhaiKhram Yai, or Samae San further to the south.

These islands are renowned for consistently producing good results. You have a realistic chance to haul in large sharks, rays, barracuda fish, trevallies, queen fish, and huge cobia.

We recommend hiring the services of a good boat captain to maximise your catch. As their local knowledge is invaluable, they will already know the best spots to go fishing for Marlin and Sailfish. The local fishing community in Pattaya reliably informs me that you should use live fish, prawn, and squid for bait if you are going for the big catch.

Fishing from Pattaya Beach

If you suffer from seasickness perhaps sea fishing trips in Thailand are not for you. Pattaya has a long expanse of beautiful beaches; Jomtien in south Pattaya also has some good fishing hotspots and many of the locals’ fish in the north of Pattaya beach at Naklua or the concrete beach jetty at Wong Amat beach zone. There is also a lighthouse at the southern end of Pattaya beach by the port harbour at Laem Bali Hai.

Casting in near the lighthouse can produce a surprising haul of saltwater fish. Fishing at Na Jomtien beach is fun. This area lures many fishermen to watch the sun set westwards over the water as you pass a few hours with a spinner.

Freshwater and Predatory Fishing in Pattaya

Pattaya caters for the complete range of fishing trips Thailand can offer and this also includes freshwater fishing. Freshwater fish species native to Thailand include four of the largest freshwater fish on earth. You should not be surprised if something that goes off like a train when you are dangling your bait in the lakes and rivers. When it comes to Pattaya water sports you never know what you can hook into here!

Featured Pattaya Fishing Park

Castaway Fishing Park and Restaurant is located in a peaceful countryside setting and within easy reach of downtown Pattaya. They offer a quality fishing experience for expert anglers and all beginners.

The fishing park offers a welcoming bar and restaurant, several private lakeside dining huts, 10 landscaped fishing swims, and of course a well-stocked lake featuring 30 species of freshwater and predatory fish.

Arapaima, Siamese Carp, Mekong Giant Catfish, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Alligator Gar, Baramundi, Juliens Prize Golden Carp, Paccu, Rohu Carp and many more. Mature trees and plants envelope this beautiful fishing park, and a constant gentle breeze tickles the water. Everything is made of natural materials to help Castaway Fishing Park and Restaurant easily blend into its surroundings around the large lake and angling swims.

Each angler’s swim has been designed for comfort. With two chairs and umbrella, rod rests, table, un-hooking mats, and landing nets provided. All this allows you to concentrate on casting and landing the biggest fish possible.

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