Pattaya Coral Islands Review​

Snorkeling Sites in Pattaya: Koh Larn is not the most Coralline

Pattaya islands are well-liked and trendy touristy destinations. They are the focus of all the local excursions for scuba diving and group snorkeling tours.

Even so, choosing the best islands in Pattaya to visit requires some insider research. A review of the facts will help you book your half or full day snorkel trip. Note that there are two distinct and ‘clearly’ different groups of pinnacles.

The coral islands have the appropriate names of the ‘Near’ and ‘Far’ island archipelagos. You will find both groups situated in the Gulf of Thailand west of Pattaya Beach.

It is smart to research the best coral island near Pattaya for a snorkeling excursion. Most people base the review on three results. They are water clarity, aquatic marine life diversity, and lack of noisy hindrances. In this case, the definitive answer has to be the Pattaya Far Islands of Ko Rin, Koh Manwichai, and Ko Phai.

The Pattaya islands are all situated towards the north of the Bay of Bangkok. The Thai Gulf is clearly not the same body of water as found on the western coast of Thailand. Phuket and the Phi Phi islands are excellent diving destinations. They are without doubt home to the best snorkeling in Thailand.

Note: Coral islands in the Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean are not the same as the Gulf of Thailand!

Best Coral Islands in Pattaya

Koh Larn is the largest in the chain of Pattaya Nearby Coral Islands.

Locals nickname it ‘Coral Island‘ and it is the most popular by far. But, this is due most to its tourist facilities and amenities.

For example, there are a few holiday beach resorts dotted around the land mass.

It gets dubbed the ‘Coral Island’ by the locals. But, corals are sparse in the shallow reefs of the near pinnacles. In fact, they do not thrive with an abundance of coralline formations.

Near Islands in Pattaya

Koh Larn Coral Island
Pattaya Koh Larn is the largest island near Pattaya. It is popular for snorkeling and beachside water sports.

Pattaya Koh Sak
Holidaymakers swarm into the large sandy bay on the northern horse-shoe shaped periphery. Koh Sak is a sun-blessed island visible from the hotels and seaside beaches of Pattaya.

Ko Krok Thailand
The tiny island of Pattaya Ko Krok is not the most visited by tourists. Take a speed boat west of Chonburi for about 6 km and you will stumble across Ko Krok Coral Island.

Monkey Island Pattaya
Pattaya Monkey Island is a hidden gem where you can feed and swim with native Samae monkeys at Ko Ling beaches.

Koh Khram Yai Island
The large uninhabited island of Koh Khram is offshore from Pattaya’s southern coastline. It is only accessible by boat charter.

Far Islands in Pattaya

Koh Rin Island Pattaya
The remote island of Koh Rin is the farthest destination for snorkeling and diving tours. It has beautiful, calm sandy inlets which make it a picture-perfect tropical anchorage.

Ko Phai Thailand
Pattaya Mu Koh Phai Bamboo Island is the largest of a tiny cluster. Koh Phai is part of a chain of uninhabited white sand pinnacles.

Pattaya Islands Review

The location of the Pattaya islands affects the cleanliness of the underwater world. It also contributes to the marine life that the Thai gulf can support. Unless you choose a bad weather day, you will see the coral reefs and the tropical fishes swimming around.

All Pattaya snorkeling trips are very shallow – two or three meters from sea level to the seabed. Your role is to relax at the surface and look down into the water. You get lunch and drinks and a free taxi ride back to your Pattaya hotel – all for a super low price.

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We cannot compete with some of the best snorkeling spots in the world for marine diversity. But, we do offer a relaxing and an affordable day in the sunny weather. So, set sail and go cruising around the best Pattaya Island Thailand has to offer.