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Koh Krok Island Pattaya

The tiny island of Pattaya Koh Krok is not the most visited by tourists heading out from the mainland. Take a speed boat west of Chonburi for about 6 km and you will stumble across Ko Khrok Coral Island.

Koh Krok Island has no accommodation or island-based water sports. In fact, Koh Krok only measures 0.05 square kilometers.

It is the nearest island to Pattaya for recreational activities and fun water sports. There is no shortage of banana boat rides and jet-skis. Surf riding enthusiasts are always making waves near to Koh Krok craggy shorelines.

Even though it is the smallest of the near islands, it is a popular site for scuba and snorkeling. Pattaya snorkeling destination of Koh krok appeals almost everyone. Most, are those looking for an escape from city life nearby on the Eastern Seaboard and Bangkok.

The island has only one sandy beach worth mentioning. It stretches close to 100 meters and situated towards the north east of Ko Krok Island. The rest of the craggy pinnacle comprises of rocky shorelines and light vegetation.

How to get to Pattaya Koh Krok Island

One of the easiest ways to visit Ko Krok is by joining an organised Coral Island tour from Pattaya.

As a rule, a full day island-hopping excursion costs around US$100 for couples. Failing that, the only other option is to hire a speedboat. You can usually rent speed boats and small sailing yachts from the resort beaches or Laem Bali Hai Port.

Chartering a Pattaya private speed boat might set you back around US$400. But, it does offer you the flexibility to visit the other nearby Coral Islands in Pattaya. Koh Larn and Koh Sak are the other two near islands. They are well liked and most visited by expats and holidaymakers.

Underwater Coral Formations at Koh Krok

Most of the underwater coral formations exist on the west side of the pinnacle. They run parallel to the shoreline from north to south culminating at the southern tip.

The fringing corals tend to peter out beyond the sand at 15 meters. From there, the reef shelves eastwards all the way up to the water break at the surface on the western shore.

Local scuba divers enjoy this dive site as a drift dive. This is because prevailing currents flow north to south and parallel to the island.

Snorkelers and divers cannot fail to see large coral bommies at this spot. There is no shortage of staghorn coral, brain corals and table corals. Soft coral species include blue sponge, barrel, and some examples of the neptune variety. Dive deeper and you are bound to see bushy corals around 12 meters.

Take a trip from Pattaya to Ko Krok Thailand and you’ll be unlucky not to see turtles. Hawksbill turtles frequent the shallow clear water around the island chomping on the reef. The Pattaya fish species at this snorkeling spot are typical of the Thai Gulf. Parrotfish, puffer fish and wrasse are plentiful darting around the coral gardens.

Giant Sea Anemones thrive in a secluded section of the west face. Anemone fish and clown fishes share this habitat in symbiosis to the delight of onlookers.

A little further north towards the headland is where you find schools of bigger fish. Stay alert for a breathtaking battery of barracuda or shoal of tangs and jacks out in the blue. Low tide allows a glimpse of several small caves situated midway and near to the southwest of Koh Krok Island.

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