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Koh Larn Snorkeling Coral Island

“Koh Larn Pattaya – Go Snorkeling at the Largest Coral Island”

The local inhabitants know it as Ko Lan and most Thai nationals call it Koh Larn – or sometimes Kohlarn. Even so, there is only one reason why holidaymakers head out there. They want to visit the largest Coral Island near to Pattaya.

Koh Larn Coral Island is a large sunbaked tourist attraction. It is close to 7 km in a westerly direction from the thriving beach resort of Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand.

Travelling down from Bangkok for a weekend break in Pattaya takes around two hours by road. The taxi or bus journey is a 150 kilometer trip from Bangkok to Pattaya Port.

Koh Larn Pattaya is less than two kilometers wide, but almost four kilometers long. The main port village of Naban is where most of the one thousand permanent residents live and work.

There is a school, one police house, and a basic medical facility in the village. You can find a handful of resort hotels and island guesthouses for overnight stays.

Snorkeling Koh Larn Coral Island Pattaya

Pattaya Koh Larn Island is best known for snorkeling and beachside water sports. They remain the most popular activity for holidaymakers heading out from Pattaya beach.

There is no shortage of day trippers taking a holiday break from Bangkok to Larn Island.

Local scuba diving and snorkeling shops make daily boat trips to Koh Larn Coral Island. The neighbouring archipelago chain is also a popular destination. Snorkelers head out there for shallow coral reefs and calm sheltered white sand bays.

Koh Larn Snorkeling Price

You can join the Koh Larn Pattaya Snorkeling tour for a lot less than fifty dollars (per person). There are daily excursions cruising around the islands and pinnacles.

We make it simple to sign up today and join the public boat with a guide. You also get to use modern and safe snorkeling equipment, and lunch on board. We offer free local hotel pickups included in the Koh Larn Island tour package.

Koh Larn snorkeling spots tend get visited by day trippers more often than others. But, there are several offshore islands close to the mainland. The weather offshore differs little from the coastal shoreline.

But, the size and shape of Koh Larn provides a handful of shallow sheltered sandy bays. This is where we find colorful fringing corals. Its shallowness means even beginner snorkelers and non-swimmers can enjoy the tour.

Pattaya Islands Koh Larn Water Sports

What things are there to do in Coral Island Pattaya? Ko Larn is so close that powered jet skis can make the trip over from the beaches at Jomtien and Pattaya. Many tourists like to try the semi-submersible tour or glass bottom boat.

Adventure seekers might try scuba diving or beachside para-sailing. Many foreigner visitors like to try the underwater walk tour package – called sea walking.

You will find a selection of things to do at Pattaya’s nearest coral island that are not yet available at Samed. Snorkeling on Koh Larn vs. Koh Samet is an interesting comparison.

Larn Island has more facilities and established snorkeling destinations. But, you should also expect to see more jet skis and boat traffic if you go snorkeling at Koh Larn.

Koh Larn Island Pattaya Ferry

Anyone on a low budget can reduce the cost of a public tour by traveling ‘independently’. Try out the ‘leisurely’ Pattaya Koh Larn Island Ferry. A large map of Koh Larn Island shows how you can travel inland by motorbike.

This is an easy way to reach the remote white sandy beaches. But, the inexpensive 45 minute passenger ferry only stops at Koh Larn Coral Island. It does not anchor up at the other two popular snorkeling nearby islands of Koh Sak and Ko Krok.

Koh Larn ferry schedule runs every few hours during the daytime. It departs from the main port area a located at Laem Bali Hai Pier from 07:00 onward. The trip to Ko Larn costs around 30 Thai Baht (US $1) each way for the 45 minute crossing.

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