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Koh Phai Island Pattaya ‘Bamboo Island’

‘A Boat Trip from Pattaya to Ko Phai for Snorkeling and Scuba’

Pattaya Mu Koh Phai Bamboo Island is the largest of a tiny cluster of uninhabited white sand pinnacles. It is close to 13 nautical miles (23km) west of Chonburi Province in the Bay of Bangkok (Gulf of Siam).

Most boat trips take a little over one hour to reach Koh Phai Island. It is one of the remote and idyllic far island coral archipelago reachable from Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard.

The Royal Thai Navy supervises the rocky islet as a natural protected area. There are no permanent fixtures or facilities. The same applies to the adjacent islands of Koh Manwichai and Ko Klung Badan.

Holidaymakers and organised excursions heading from Pattaya to Koh Phai Island get restricted. This can happen when the Thai military use these distant islands for their training exercises. Thus, the islands are not always open to tourists.

Staying overnight or camping on the beach may not be a good idea. In fact, in some circumstances it is illegal and may result in a fine from the marine police.

Koh Phai Pattaya Bamboo Island

Ko Phai means Bamboo Island in Thailand – according to most tourist guides. The green hilly mountain is a wooded bamboo island. The craggy cliffs stretch 4 kilometers from the north to the south. Its widest point is 1.5 km and the summit peaks around 150 meters where there is a lighthouse.

There are no resort hotels, beach bungalows, or restaurant facilities on Pattaya Koh Phai Island. In fact, there is no obvious sign of permanent construction or accommodation at all. There may be a few rotting sun decks on the beaches. But, there is no evidence of mass tourism whatsoever at the remote and palm-fringed tropical Bamboo Island Thailand.

Snorkeling at Koh Phai Thailand

Koh Phai Pattaya is popular for snorkeling tours, scuba diving activities, and private boat charters. They head out to the sun-drenched, palm-fringed, idyllic archipelago almost every day.

Despite their remoteness, these islands are a favorite daily destination. They offer superb weather conditions and tranquil shallow bays. These are ideal for a variety of water sport activities enjoyed by sea lovers and island hoppers.

Private fares run from Laem Bali Hai Pier near the south end of Walking Street or directly from speed boat operators on the beach.

Most private pleasure boats carry 20 to 50 passengers. You should expect to pay up to 5,000 THB for a public excursion tour to the far islands. You can travel ‘independently’. But it is worth noting that not all the speed boats carry food, water, and safety equipment on board.

Best Snorkeling Sites at Koh Phai Island

Head out not too far from Pattaya in a ‘westerly’ direction from the main beach attractions. You will discover the Mu Ko Phai Thailand archipelago.

It may not rank too high compared to Thailand’s best snorkeling spots. But, this destination offers you the ideal opportunity to try snorkeling or scuba diving. In retrospect, Koh Phai could be the best coral island in Pattaya.

There is a distinct air of faraway peace and tranquility at the island chain near Koh Phai. It attracts beach sunbathers, swimmers, scuba divers, and snorkelers on a daily basis. You will struggle to find better natural underwater corals and preserved marine life anywhere else in Pattaya.

Despite being one of the Pattaya Far Islands, Koh Phai remains reachable for jet-ski enthusiasts. Thus, use extra caution and vigilance around speed boats and jet skis if you choose to dive or snorkel. Always follow local safety rules on using surface marker buoys and dive flags.

The south of this small archipelago of pinnacles offers some great snorkeling sites. They are ideal for weak swimmers and novice snorkelers. There is a small sheltered bay which offers perfect conditions on a regular basis. This is a prime spot for shallow-water swimmers and snorkeling first timers.

You can escape the crowds in Pattaya or Bangkok and enjoy a relaxing and affordable day out at sea for less than $50. You can have fun snorkel swimming around the fringing coral reefs by signing up for one of the Pattaya Snorkeling Tours today.

Scuba Diving at Koh Phai Pattaya

There is a famous underwater attraction near Koh Phai Island Thailand. It is the World War II Royal Thai Navy vintage shipwreck sunk in January 2003. The HTMS Khram (ex USS LSM-469) was ‘intentionally’ laid to rest in 30 meters of water.

It settled around 0.3 kilometers to the east of Ko Phai Island. The ship wreck created a submerged artificial reef. This was much to the delight of local PADI scuba divers and wreck diving fanatics.

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