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Dive Pattaya – 1 Day Scuba Program

PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and they are the most recognized scuba training organization worldwide. Our PADI team includes professional dive trainers who can teach and certify the full range of scuba courses.

Choose between our special resort combination package of snorkeling and scuba, or you can sign up for the one day Discover Scuba Diving Pattaya experience.

If you are not limited on time you (minimum 3 days) you could join our regular dive courses and participate in the full PADI Open Water Diver international certification.

Scuba and Snorkel Combo Pack 3,000 ?

Take advantage of our unique snorkeling and diving combination package and scuba Pattaya shallow coral reefs. Most snorkeler’s are intrigued and exhilarated by the thought of submerging under water instead of only floating at the surface.

Get up close and personal to the coral reefs and Pattaya tropical fish families with our special snorkel and scuba combo pack. The ‘scuba and snorkel package‘ includes free hotel pickups, lunch on the boat, and diving equipment rental for the day.

But instead of the usual two snorkeling trips, we offer you one (1) PADI instructor supervised scuba try dive to a maximum of twelve (12) meters and one (1) coral island snorkeling tour after a hot lunch buffet on the boat.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving in Pattaya 4,500 ?

Learn to scuba dive Pattaya for a day with the PADI program called Discover Scuba Diving. To start diving you do not need to have previous experience and there are no swimming skill tests.

It allows you to get a taste of diving Pattaya in a single day without committing your holiday time to the four day international license.

The try diving program can be in a swimming pool or in the sea. Your scuba instructor will teach you how to use the dive gear and provide you with an introduction in safety and underwater breathing techniques. When you are comfortable and relaxed in the shallow water you can then start to swim around the Pattaya coral reefs and dive down to a maximum of twelve meters.

The price includes the use of scuba diving equipment for the full day, food and drinks on board, two scuba dives in the sea, instructor supervision, the PADI DSD Recognition Certificate, and Hotel Transfers in central Pattaya.

PADI Open Water Diver Course 16,800 ?

The PADI open water diver certification is the most accepted entry level course internationally. It signifies that the card holder has completed intensive dive training and is eligible to dive without direct supervision by a scuba instructor.

The course usually take four days to complete and includes a combination of dive theory, shallow water skills training, and a minimum of four dives in the open water. Participants should be fit for diving and be able to complete some basic swimming tests.

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