padi skin diver course

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PADI Skin Diver Course

The PADI Skin Diver Course results in a PADI Certification because it is a structured course with minimum performance requirements.

Skin Diver students must demonstrate proficiency in skin diving techniques, surface diving, equalization, descent and ascent skills.

Skin divers do not use a scuba tank for an air supply. They snorkel dive while holding their breath – often called breath hold apnea.

Participants in the PADI Snorkeling Skin Diver Course must complete some skin diving or free diving objectives before certification.

The main goals of this course are to build confidence in skin diving ability and to develop good judgement with skills that are unique to skin diving. To qualify for Skin Diver training young snorkeling kids must be at least 8 years old and you must use the required snorkeling set equipment such as a dive mask, snorkel and diving fins.

The course can be completed in one day of training on the dive boat and our PADI Skin Diving Instructor will answer any questions you may have and provide all of the necessary training.

Skin Diving Certification Price 6,500 ?

PADI D.U.P. Shoot

Successful student skin divers must meet all performance requirements and demonstrate proficiency unique skin diving abilities such as equalizing air spaces, ascending and descending and surface diving.

We supply skin diving equipment if needed and students can complete all of the training in one day from our dive boat.

When you are ready to get that little bit nearer to the Pattaya fish and marine life to learn breath hold diving, then the PADI Skin Diver Course is perfect for you. Skin diving, also known as breath hold diving, uses masks, snorkels and fins to dive below the surface which is just great preparation for your PADI Underwater Photography Course and passive interaction with fishes.

PADI Skin Diving Techniques

To be certified as a PADI Skin Diver the student must be able to show mastery of various skin diving skills including;

  • Check skin diving equipment for malfunction and/or maladjustment
  • Make safe entries and exits into the water including boat entries
  • Control the airway while breathing through a snorkel
  • Swim proficiently at the surface while wearing snorkeling equipment
  • Dive vertically head first from the surface in deep water
  • Swim at least 15 meters under water on a single breath of air
  • Clear a snorkel using the blast method and resume breathing through it
  • Clear and breathe from a snorkel using the displacement method upon surfacing
  • If using a weight belt, remove it and replace it in deep water

Skin Diving vs Scuba Diving

Note: We are often asked about skin diving vs scuba diving. The company owner is a PADI Master Scuba Instructor with 20 years experience and would be delighted to offer advice about scuba diving in Pattaya.

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