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Banana Boat Inflatable in Pattaya

Banana Boat Riding – Pattaya banana boats are hirable almost anywhere along the beaches in Pattaya and Jomtien. You can see people having a huge amount of fun banana boat riding almost every day of the year if you look out from the lighthouse at the port of Laem Bali Hai towards the bay at the north end of the beach.

What is a Banana Boat Inflatable?

A banana boat ‘water sled’ – as the name suggests – is an unpowered inflatable tube which is usually shaped like a giant banana.

They are also called banana boat tubes because riders sit on the main tube with straddled legs each side and then it gets towed on the water.

Banana tubes can also be used for fun rides even if they are not actually banana-shaped. Different shape and size inflatables used for joy-riding include heart shaped, doughnuts, and arrow head.

Banana boats are traditionally made of strong, moulded, inflatable rubber which normally accommodates up to ten passengers. The blown-up bananas are usually pulled along the surface of the sea by a jet ski or a motorboat.

After you have hired your banana ride the jet-ski sets off taking you all on board. When the banana driver accelerates and makes a hard left or right turn at speed, you will inevitably get a serious dunking in the ocean because it is impossible to hold on. Pattaya Banana rides are quite simply great fun for a relatively small price. We hope you enjoy the experience safely.

You can rent a banana boat in Pattaya for half an hour’s fun in the sun either at the beach or around the islands – especially at nearby Koh Larn Island. Local Thai operators wander the beaches almost every day offering you the chance of jumping on an inflatable banana, take part in a spot of beachside para-sailing, or rent a powerful jet-ski to thrash about on the sea.

Banana Boat Price in Pattaya

Most rides last around fifteen minutes and then the tour guides will probably offer you another activity such as sea walking or one of the other popular water sports in Pattaya. Please note that the banana boat ride cost in Pattaya is determined by the location for your banana riding activity (see below).

Pattaya Banana Boat Price: Hiring an inflatable banana boat usually costs around 300 Thai baht per person for a six or seven person ride at the islands with a cheaper price of 200 ? off Pattaya beach. Make sure everyone is issued with a flotation vest!

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