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Catamaran Rentals

Superb Sailing Catamarans – now available for rental and private charter in Pattaya. All the Cats are extremely stable and comfortable at sea with unmatched seating space and custom designed sun decks. Cruise comfortably around the islands under sail for a romantic day away from the crowded tourist spots.

Private yacht charter is now available only a short drive from Bangkok. Entertain your private party for the full day or half day sailing the beautiful waters and beaches off the coastline of Jomtien and Pattaya.

Catamaran Siamese Twin

  • Siamese Twin is a 53′ sailing cat and has a maximum capacity of 25 people
  • It is ideal for sailing around the islands and due to its size, it is comfortable in almost any sea condition
    • Day Rate 50,000
    • Half Day 30,000
    • Hourly 10,000

Sailing Catamaran Sonic

  • Sonic is a 43′ sailing cat with a maximum capacity of 20 people
    • Day Rate 40,000
    • Half Day 25,000
    • Hourly 7,000

Cost of Pattaya Catamaran Rental

CatamaranTour InformationPrice ?
SIAMESE TWIN53′ Catamaran; Snorkeling and island-hopping tours; 25 Passengers; Full Day Rate;50,000
SONIC43′ Catamaran; Snorkeling and island-hopping tours; 20 Passengers; Full Day Rate;40,000
SIAMESE CAT [pending]26′ Catamaran; Snorkeling and island-hopping tours; 6 Passengers; Full Day Rate;10,000

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*Catamaran rental prices are subject to availability and package conditions. Click to Send Enquiry.

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