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Parasailing in Pattaya

Parasailing at Pattaya – The high-flying sport of parasailing in Pattaya – often called parascending or even parachute sailing – is almost exclusively done over water. Tourists can participate in the low cost fun ride dare-devil activity off the local beaches and out at Ko Larn Coral Island.

Pattaya Parasailing Price

So if you are wondering where to go parachute sailing and what the Pattaya parasailing price is, take a walk along the beachside promenade and search for a kiosk which advertises adventure water sports in Pattaya.

You might consider this human kiting activity to be a dangerous sport with regular accidents. Thankfully, even though you are attached by a long rope and harness to a parachute-style wing canopy and towed behind one of the Pattaya jet skis or a powerboat over water, the injury statistics are quite low. Some of the bigger parasail wings carry two or three passengers at once.

If you are brave enough to try parasailing in Pattaya while you are on vacation, the following safety tips should help you enjoy the exhilarating ride, avoid serious accidents, and glide back safely to earth.

How Safe is Parasailing in Pattaya?

Please note these safety instructions are meant as a general guide and we recommend seeking professional and thorough safety training before you attempt this inherently dangerous activity which may result in serious injury or death.

The sport of parasailing is unregulated in many countries but there are moves by lawmakers to have the activity monitored by tougher industry standards.

Despite benefiting from some surface wind, parasailing is considered to be dangerous in winds stronger than 18 knots or 15 mph. In the interest of safety you should not parasail in fog, heavy rain, or impending stormy conditions. Parasailors should wear a life vest at all times because it is extremely difficult to swim while wearing the heavy harness.

Parasailing Safety Instructions

Hopefully the ground assistants will check the rig and flight harness before takeoff and then position themselves on opposite side of the parasail. Be sure to learn all the emergency communication signals and clarify the use of boat driver to parasailor hand signals before you take off to Pattaya.

They usually signal for the boat driver to move forward as they fully open the sail guidelines evenly to avoid diagonal movements. Although you have little or no control over the driver, he should accelerate slowly taking up the slack line. The ground crew move forward with you keeping the sail open to fill the canopy with air. The parasailor strides forward at the same time to keep the rope taut. Take note that the parasailor should not jump to aid liftoff. The canopy will lift you up without your effort.

The suggested safe altitude for parasailing is a maximum of 200 meters as a flying height over the ocean. You should not exceed 100 meters of altitude over smaller expanses of water. Beware that parasailing near to the shoreline is dangerous because you might collide with buildings and other objects.

If the canopy rotates more than 45 degrees while you are in the air you should release the safety pin which should float the parasailor gently down onto the water. If you have a separate pickup boat it should trail around 65 meters behind the parasailor. Collect the parasailing equipment and return to the beach or shoreline.

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