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Coral Island Tour Pattaya

“Family Snorkeling Trips Full of Fun – Coral Island Tour Pattaya”

Pattaya Snorkel Tours invite you to join our daily boat cruise to the best coral islands nearby. These island-hopping snorkeling tours in Pattaya have to be the most relaxing and refreshing short trips from Bangkok megacity filled with adventure and excitement.

Top up your suntan, jump into the warm shallow water, and have oceans of fun swimming with small tropical fishes and sea turtles.

The nearest knee-deep reefs for swimmers and snorkelers alike, are less than an hour from Pattaya beach coastline. Bangkok Islands in the bay of Chonburi Province, provide the best islands near Bangkok for water sports and they are only a short trip by public bus or taxi from the capital of Thailand.

Pattaya’s Best Snorkeling Trips Near Bangkok

Refreshing and relaxing, Pattaya Snorkelling Tours include all the gear you need to float comfortably and breathe air at the surface while peering down at the colorful fish and corals.

We welcome families as well as non-swimmers because no specific swimming skills are required and there are no minimum age or height restrictions. Read expert advice about snorkeling for non swimmers. We take care of the logistics and preparations for your half or full day Pattaya island tour excursion.

VIP’s can escape the crowds by hiring your own private speed boat or chartering a luxury sailing yacht for an exclusive and the best customized coral island tour Pattaya can offer. Our private boat charters offer you top flexibility with convenience. We can provide all the equipment and provisions you need for a thrilling scuba or snorkelling tour.

The Pattaya Snorkel Tour Price includes a free pickup from your hotel, a hot buffet lunch on board, mask and fins rental for the day, and we arrange special offers or discounted packages for group bookings.

Snorkeling Trips Close to Bangkok

There’s no shortage of cheap holiday packages in Thailand but the most accessible island near Bangkok is located off the Pattaya shoreline.

Tour guides are busy taking tourists to temples (called Wat), floating markets, and other amazing attractions. However, you need to travel down the coast to find the best tours from Pattaya.

This is where you will find a collection of water sports and beautiful beaches to keep you and the whole family entertained in the sea.

A trip from the international airport should take less than two hours by road. That means you can still make it back to Bangkok later the same afternoon, or we can help you find overnight accommodation.

Join us today for simply the best holiday family fun in the sun, with sea, sand, and great deals on our top value for money Pattaya Coral Islands snorkeling day trips.

Bangkok snorkeling holidaymakers can take a trip down to Pattaya and join our friendly public snorkeler’s tours for a fun packed full day on the ocean.

This is the shortest route from Bangkok to islands near the coastal seaside resort where solo travelers and families can go snorkelling and swimming in the seawater safely.

Pattaya Snorkel and Scuba Combo Package

The ‘scuba and snorkel’ combination package includes all our usual freebies such as hotel pickups and equipment rental. Most snorkeler’s are intrigued and exhilarated by the thought of submerging under water instead of only floating at the surface. Get up close and personal to the coral reefs and tropical fishes with our special snorkel and scuba combination package.

Instead of the usual two snorkeling sessions, we offer you one (1) PADI instructor supervised scuba try dive to a maximum of twelve (12) meters. After your hot lunch buffet on the boat, you can join in the afternoon snorkeling session on the coral island tour Pattaya. This package is simply unbeatable value.

Pattaya Speed Boat and Yacht Hire from Bangkok

We also have Speed Boats and Sailing Catamarans for private hire in Pattaya. Chartering a luxurious privately organized motor vessel offers you the ultimate island-hopping tour with unmatched flexibility and control.

You choose where you want to go, either the near or far islands, or we can help you to pick the best destinations for snorkelling and aqua sports. You will find the small seaworthy charter boats are quick and low priced.

They get you to the best destinations in less than one hour, which means you can make a half day snorkel tour in Pattaya and return back to the mainland for lunch. The private island hopping Thailand packages are priced according to the number of passengers and whether the boat goes out to the remote coral island tour Pattaya Koh Rin – or cruises the nearest pinnacles. Nevertheless, they are quite simply an unparalleled Pattaya day tour when it comes to value for money.

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