Coral Island Snorkeling Tours Pattaya

Escape the Crowds for Relaxation and Fun!

Our snorkeling tours leave Pattaya Port area almost every day of the year and visit the peaceful and tranquil islands. The boat departs at 09.00 a.m. and returns to Pattaya beach around 04.00 p.m.

Daily Snorkel Trip Itinerary

The daily excursion reaches the first archipelago after cruising for around an hour and then the boat anchors in shallow bays close to the reefs.

You can spend a fun-filled island-hopping day sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and touring around the near or far pinnacles. This has to be the best priced snorkel package full of fun and relaxation with a buffet style feast served on board around lunch time.

Though our normal hot food menu consists of freshly-prepared and cooked meats with a selection of mouth-watering fruit and snacks, we can also cater for those who prefer to eat vegetarian food.

After lunch we head off to another island retreat for more snorkeling and swimming activities and the homeward journey normally starts around 15.00 which gets us back to Pattaya later in the afternoon.

Snorkeling Safari Tour Destinations

The primary destination for the best sea safari tour would have to be the Pattaya Far Islands for underwater visibility and coral gardens. However, it is the boat captain who decides the port of call based on the weather and sea conditions for a smooth and safe journey.

Our experts will offer you some equipment tips and water safety advice before you jump in the warm shallow sea near to the beach. We have a range of snorkeling gear and accessories on board and we provide you with a safety vest (especially for non-swimmers).

Extra Items for the Trip

  • Cash – Beer and Coke is not included in the tour price
  • Towel – Most people prefer to bring personal towels
  • Sunscreen – Pattaya sunshine is strong even on a cloudy day
  • Waterproof Camera – Rent from our Pattaya Snorkeling Shop

Our daily snorkel tours in Pattaya are generally very relaxing with a refreshing ‘chilled’ ambience away from the noise and excitement of the so called ‘Extreme City’ of the Eastern Seaboard in Thailand.

We welcome and cater for single travelers, big groups, and families with small children. The large and spacious snorkeling, fishing, and scuba boat easily handles passenger groups of all sizes for the journey sailing around the shoreline.

The shallow coral reefs around the north eastern shoreline of the Gulf of Thailand may not be the most diverse and vibrant in the world for tropical fishes and marine life.

Nonetheless, we can offer you a day of water based family fun with an inexpensive and enjoyable day out at sea to unwind and take on board some rewarding and rejuvenating fresh air.