yacht charter guide

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Yacht Charter Guide

This guide will help to answer some of your questions about chartering your perfect powerboat or luxury yacht.

The information is particularly intended to help anyone who is planning a personal holiday boat charter or sailing event in Pattaya, Thailand.

Reserving the charter of a luxury yacht or motor boat can be a little daunting for the first time.

Achieving memorable boating vacations depend on thorough preparation and organizational timing – much like making a luxury hotel booking.

How to Charter a Luxury Yacht

  • Develop a comprehensive plan for your charter well in advance – typically six months – and determine what model of boat you prefer. Knowing specifically what you need is the key to a successful boat charter.
  • Calculate the size of your group – including children – to be sure you meet the boat’s sailing capacity and how many cabins would be required for overnight charters. Typically, most luxury motor yachts hold a maximum of 12 sleeping guests.
  • Decide on your chosen destination and it is always good to prepare for first and second alternative reserve sites, especially if you plan to rent during international holiday periods. Thoroughly research the typical seasonal wind and weather conditions for your chosen destinations.
  • Discuss your preferences to determine exactly what kind of boat you want. Choose between the convenience of hiring a modern design motor cruiser or yacht, the thrill of renting a classic sailing yacht, or perhaps you would benefit from the comfort of chartering a luxury catamaran.
  • Possibly the most important issue in our yacht charter guide is your budget. Consider how much you are willing to spend and whether you also have guest’s budgets to review. Often, there are additional costs and fees to contemplate beyond the actual yacht charter.
  • Perhaps the budget is determined by your booking choice? Yacht and motor boat charters cater for sailing holiday reservations, celebratory parties, and corporate business entertainment events.
  • Whenever possible, try to view the yacht or speak to the crew. If you are booking through an agency, ask their representative to visit the boat and report back to you with any important informative advice about boat rentals.
  • You will normally need to fill out a passenger list after you have booked. The list should also include information about your desired itinerary and passenger’s special requirements including likes, dislikes, and known allergies. This important data will guide everyone employed with your booking to understand your intentions before you get on board and increase the likelihood that your super yacht charter is a satisfactory and safe resounding success.

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